Acceleration and Integration

Accelerate the development of new solutions and integration of data into your local core, mobile and web applications. The PlanConnexion Developer Portal connects you to our full suite of Blue and third party APIs. 
Using BCBSA APIs provides significant value:
  • Faster speed to market due to simple immediate access to test data services, simple migration to production, and the elimination of components needed to manage back-end databases.
  • Reduction in cost due to shared cost, less development work for your plan, and lower maintenance and support costs.
  • Enables easy integration of multiple sources of disparate data and services into the Plan’s own branded applications.
  • Enables the business to focus on their core business and their customer by leaving the data management to the web service.
  • Provides portability to plug and play the data to any plan or vendor application requiring BCBSA managed information.
  • Is in accordance with National Programs data compliance.
  • The most up to date source of national data.


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